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I would like to explore the boundary between "abstraction" and "figuration" by coexisting these two opposing elements on a single canvas. In my work, there exist a number of "abstract" and "figurative" elements with different vectors in various senses, and their complex intertwining blurs the boundary between the two.

 At the same time, they also contain such dichotomies as "fact" and "fiction," "moment" and "eternity," "two-dimensional" and "three-dimensional," "original" and "copy," "natural" and "artificial.

 I move back and forth between "abstract" and "figurative" and various other dichotomies in my work. What I want to express is both and neither. The dichotomy can be easily expressed in words, but it is the boundary between the two that has an appeal that words cannot fully express, and for this reason, I believe there is a necessity for me to create paintings.

​Koshiro Kihara

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